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The best navigation charts of Masurian Lakes

Taider contains the best bathymetric charts, made on the basis of newest bathymetric surveys. Our charts cover all of the Great Masurian Lakes and are very clear and intuitive in usage. Having them makes you able to sail even during the night or in the fog. On Taider charts you will find all necessary information like depth, ports layouts, jetty locations, moorage spots, silence zones, reeds, forests and buildings. Despite that, our charts are small (only 2,0 MB), and are downloaded only once and keept in your device memory to save data transmission.

Bathymetric charts of lakes currently available in Taider app: Ryńskie, Tałty, Mikołajskie, Bełdany, Nidzkie, Roś, Tałtowisko, Jagodne, Boczne, Niegocin, Tajty, Kisajno, Dargin, Łabap, Dobskie, Mamry, Święcajty. More lakes soon.

Najlepsze żeglarskie mapy jezior

Unmarked hazards

Taider's charts contains even that shallow places and stone reefs which have not been marked with buoys on the water. When sailing on Masurian Lakes, you don’t have to be limited by lateral marks. Feel safe and free to sail across all the Great Masurian Lakes.

Nieoznakowane przeszkody

Collision alert

Taider has an innovative warning system. You don’t have to frequently check your position on the map. Taider will warn you about nearby hazards by emitting a sound signal, and give you the time to correct your course.

System ostrzegania przed mieliznami

Pricing in marinas

Wonder which port fits your needs? By clicking prices, information about available infrastructure will be displayed.

Cenniki portów na Mazurach

Mooring spots

Masurian Lakes show their true beauty away from loud and crowded ports. Taider will show you all the best places for mooring at the shore.

Miejsca do cumowani

Cruise info

Before you sail on a cruise, click Cruise info. Your current speed and trail will be shown, and Taider will start recording the trail. After returning from a cruise, you can recall memories by replaying the route you have traveled on eg. using Google Earth.

Cruise info

logo-white is the best navigation application for Masurian sailors. The most accurate nautical charts were created specifically to cover your needs. We have created innovative features to make sailing even more comfortable and safe.
 logo-white is an irreplaceable application to find the right direction on the Masurian Lakes.

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Sailors about Cruise info

'Absolutely the best nautical charts I have ever used.'


'Collision alert saved us from stress and loss of deposit!'


'Thanks to Taider we stopped sticking to the same trail and started to discover places we didn't know before.'


'We won the regatta! Thanks to Taider's charts we did a maneuver that bring us victory.'


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